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Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War
This text examines the myriad ways in which Canadians remembered and celebrated their participation in the Great War. Collectively these memories offered explanations and consolations to Canadians
Canadian Relief Agencies and Prisoners of War, 1939–45
Abstract: During the Second World War, hundreds of organizations were created in Canada to provide amenities to prisoners of war. So the relief effort could proceed efficiently, the government
Emotion and the new epistemic challenge from cognitive penetrability
Experiences—visual, emotional, or otherwise—play a role in providing us with justification to believe claims about the world. Some accounts of how experiences provide justification emphasize the role
A History of Canadian Culture
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION 1. The First Artists 2. The Meeting and Mingling of Cultures 3. Colonial Societies 4. Common Showmen and Mountebanks 5. Culture on the Frontier 6. The Dream of Useful
The History of Everyday Things
Cognitive Penetration and the Tribunal of Experience
Perception purports to help you gain knowledge of the world even if the world is not the way you expected it to be. Perception also purports to be an independent tribunal against which you can test