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Acoustic-phonetic features for the automatic classification of fricatives.
In this article, the acoustic-phonetic characteristics of the American English fricative consonants are investigated from the automatic classification standpoint. Expand
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Multi-frequency pierce oscillators based on piezoelectric AlN contour-mode MEMS resonators
This paper reports on the first demonstration of multi-frequency (176, 222, 307, and 482 MHz) oscillators based on piezoelectric AlN contour-mode MEMS resonators. All the oscillators show phase noiseExpand
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A new temporal domain optical flow measurement technique for focal plane VLSI implementation
A new temporal domain technique for optical flow measurement is presented. This approach, which has been developed primarily for VLSI implementation, requires only the sign of spatiotemporalExpand
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Fabrication of a dual-tier thin film micropolarization array.
A thin film polarization filter has been patterned and etched using reactive ion etching (RIE) in order to create 8 by 8 microns square periodic structures. The micropolarization filters retain theExpand
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Dual-tier thin film polymer polarization imaging sensor.
Traditional imaging systems capture and replicate the imaged environment in terms of color and intensity. One important property of light, which the human eye is blind to and is ignored byExpand
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Retinalike space variant CCD sensor
The retina is a smart sensor, but in the sense of intelligent design and not on-chip computing power. It uses a unique layout and elementary charge computing elements to implement in hardware aExpand
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A Foveated Visual Tracking Chip
This chip uses both biological motivation and compact focal-plane processing to solve a real commercial problem such as 2D camera pointing. Expand
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Polarization-based non-staining cell detection.
Polarization is an important characteristic of electromagnetic waves, which can not be detected by either the human visual system or traditional image sensors. Expand
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Design and performance of a prototype general purpose analog neural computer
A programmable analog neural computer and selected applications are described. Expand
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Design and characterization of a space-variant CCD sensor
Arranging the photosensitive elements of an imaging sensor in a log-polar grid automatically samples an image in a logpolar space. The Retina project is a chip with such a spatially varying layoutExpand
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