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Excellent gamer, excellent driver? The impact of adolescents' video game playing on driving behavior: a two-wave panel study.
This study explored the impact of adolescents' playing of racing and drive'em up games on their risky driving behavior. Participants were 354 adolescent boys and girls who took part in a longitudinalExpand
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Is Television Bad for Your Health? Behavior and Body Image of the Adolescent “Couch Potato”
This article examines the potential health effects of television. A survey of 1035 Flemish 17- and 18-year-olds shows that eating snacks and drinking regularly accompany viewing. Television was alsoExpand
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Toward a More Nuanced Perception of Alzheimer’s Disease
Starting point of this study was the assumption that Alzheimer’s disease is made worse for the person who has the disease by the negative regard in which the illness is held by society. The aim wasExpand
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Nodding off or switching off? The use of popular media as a sleep aid in secondary‐school children
Aim:  To describe the use of media as a sleep aid in adolescents and relate this to their sleep routines and feelings of tiredness.
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Benchmarking the cultivation approach to video game effects: a comparison of the correlates of TV viewing and game play.
This study found significant relationships between first- and second-order cultivation measures and TV viewing, but found a relationship with video game play for only two variables in a sample of 322Expand
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Television news' coverage of motor-vehicle crashes.
PROBLEM Traffic crashes are a major cause of injury and death. Although it has been argued that a skewed estimation of personal risks may be partly attributable to news representations of mortalityExpand
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Sleep quality is negatively related to video gaming volume in adults
Most literature on the relationship between video gaming and sleep disturbances has looked at children and adolescents. There is little research on such a relationship in adult samples. The aim ofExpand
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Binge Viewing, Sleep, and the Role of Pre-Sleep Arousal.
STUDY OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence of binge viewing, its association with sleep and examine arousal as an underlying mechanism of this association. METHODS Four hundred twenty-threeExpand
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Video games and adolescents' intentions to take risks in traffic.
In a sample of 2193 adolescents the impact of racing games and drive'em up games on the intention to engage in risky driving was examined. The results indicated that playing video games is a smallExpand
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Moon and Media: Lunar Cycles and Television Viewing
A review of the literature reveals that the possibility of lunar influence on various aspects of human health and behavior has long been taken seriously in established scientific journals. TheExpand
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