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Activity-Focused Motor Interventions for Children with Neurological Conditions
  • J. Valvano
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Physical & occupational therapy in pediatrics
  • 1 January 2004
SUMMARY This article presents a model to guide activity-focused physical therapy and occupational therapy interventions for children with neurological conditions. Activity-focused interventionsExpand
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Assessment of Balance Abilities in Pakistani Children: A Cultural Perspective
This study is the first to evaluate balance abilities from a functional and cultural perspective in Pakistani children. The effect of gender and socioeconomic status (SES) on balance development ofExpand
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The Effects of Knowledge of Performance and Cognitive Strategies on Motor Skill Learning in Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • D. Thorpe, J. Valvano
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Pediatric physical therapy : the official…
  • 21 January 2002
Purpose: The purpose of this research was to examine the effects of presenting augmented information to children with cerebral palsy during practice of a novel motor skill. Methods: Single‐subjectExpand
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Movement Science: Therapeutic Intervention as a Constraint in Learning and Relearning Movement Skills
The role of therapeutic intervention in the context of dynamical systems approaches to motor control is outlined. In particular, we develop the idea of viewing intervention by the therapist as beingExpand
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Physical Therapy Clinical Management Recommendations for Children with Cerebral Palsy - Spastic Diplegia: Achieving Functional Mobility Outcomes
The purpose of this special report is to present recommendations for the clinical management of children with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia when increased functional mobility is the identifiedExpand
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Practice of a precision isometric grip‐force task by children with spastic cerebral palsy
The ability to produce and sustain a criterion level of precision isometric grip force was studied in a group of 7‐ to 12‐year‐old children with cerebral palsy (CP) and in a control group. On‐lineExpand
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Activity‐focused Motor Interventions for Infants and Young Children With Neurological Conditions
This article presents a model to guide activity-focused motor interventions as a component of early intervention services for physical and occupational therapists working with infants and youngExpand
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Atypical Posture and Movement Findings in High-Risk Pre-Term Infants
Quality of movement was observed and compared during functional motor skills in samples of 40 high-risk premature infants and 24 normal full-term infants in the first year of life. All infants in theExpand
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Neurodevelopmental Treatment: A Review of the Writings of the Bobaths
Berta and Karel Bobath have contributed a wealth of information on the treatment of cerebral palsy since the 1940s. Their teachings have had a strong impact on the therapeutic techniques used byExpand
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Sagittal plane coordination dynamics of typically developing gait.
BACKGROUND Individuals who undergo an instrumented gait analysis often have an aberrant gait pattern due to neuromuscular impairments that adversely affect their coordination. ConventionalExpand
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