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An Invitation to Cultural Psychology
Cultural psychology as a science of universality of culture and how culture is Made Through Objects is described.
Culture in Minds and Societies: Foundations of Cultural Psychology
Approaches to Culture: Semiotic Bases for Cultural Psychology Society and Community: Interdependence of Social Webs Making Oppositions: Dialogical Self and Dualities in Meaning Making Minimal
Understanding Vygotsky: A Quest for Synthesis
Part 1: Lev Vygotsky literature and art. Part 2 The first years in Moscow 1924-1928: pedagogical psychology defectology the role of psychoanalysis the context of Vygotsky's entrance into psychology -
Culture and the Development of Children's Action: A Theory of Human Development
Developmental and Nondevelopmental Orientations in Psychology, and Their Contexts. Basic Assumptions Underlying Psychological Research. Crossroads of the Deductive and Inductive Lines of Knowledge
The Guided Mind: A Sociogenetic Approach to Personality
How is something as broad and complex as a personality organized? What makes up a satisfactory theory of personality? In this book, Jaan Valsiner argues for a theoretical integration of two
Culture and Human Development
Forms of Dialogical Relations and Semiotic Autoregulation within the Self
The dialogical self entails relations between perspectival positions (I-positions) that maintain and develop within the self as a field. A typology of such relations is outlined, and related with the
Culture and the development of children's action : a cultural-historical theory of developmental psychology
This book provides a synthesis of research on a topic of increasing importance in developmental and social psychology - a general theory of child development that takes into account the culturally
Bidirectional Cultural Transmission and Constructive Sociogenesis
Contemporary psychology is remarkable for the discrepancy between the socially promoted beiief in the speedy advancement of the discipline, and the actually very slow progress in the basic ideas and