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Hydrobiology in the Cabo Frio (Brazil) upwelling: two-dimensional structure and variability during a wind cycle
Abstract A study of the variability of hydrobiological parameters in a vertical section during .. wind cycle allowed us to investigate the structure and dynamics of the upwelling ecosystem at CaboExpand
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Analyse des paramètres hydrobiologiques dans la remontée de Cabo Frio (Brésil)
South Atlantic Central Waters (SACW) upwell close to Cabo Frio (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro) shore. The resultant typical hydrobiological conditions were studied at an anchorage station over an annualExpand
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Environmental and Sanitary Conditions of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro
Guanabara Bay is the second largest bay in the coast of Brazil, with an area of 384 km2. In its surroundings live circa 16 million inhabitants, out of which 6 million live in Rio de Janeiro city, oneExpand
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Total mercury in muscle tissue of five shark species from Brazilian offshore waters: effects of feeding habit, sex, and length.
This study was carried out to assess mercury levels in fish from Brazilian offshore waters. Generally sharks have relatively high mercury levels which are also affected by diet, age (associated withExpand
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Dynamic of decapod crustacean larvae on the entrance of Guanabara bay
In the present study, we observed seasonal variations in the density of decapod larvae as well as changes in density related to diurnal and tidal cycles. Among the decapod larvae collected, portunidsExpand
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Plankton trophic structure and particulate organic carbon production during a coastal downwelling-upwelling cycle
We evaluated plankton trophic structure in a short-term temporal survey performed throughout a downwelling-upwelling cycle at the SE Brazilian coast. Size-fractioned phytoplankton biomass (PB),Expand
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Factors influencing spatial patterns of molluscs in a eutrophic tropical bay
r.a.f. neves, c.a. echeverria, l.a. pessoa, p.c. paiva, r. paranhos and j.l. valentin Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia, Departamento de Ecologia, Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Federal doExpand
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Seasonal variation in fish larvae at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, Brazil
Devido a crescente acao antropica a qual esta sujeita e sua importância socio-economica, a baia de Guanabara vem despertando grande interesse na comunidade cientifica. O presente trabalho objetivouExpand
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