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Uterine rupture in the Netherlands: a nationwide population‐based cohort study
Objective  To assess incidence of uterine rupture in scarred and unscarred uteri and its maternal and fetal complications in a nationwide design.
Maternal sepsis: epidemiology, etiology and outcome
Purpose of review Sepsis is a major cause of maternal death worldwide. Little is known on the incidence of severe maternal morbidity related to sepsis. In this review, we focus on new findingsExpand
Obstetric intensive care unit admission: a 2-year nationwide population-based cohort study
PurposeAs part of a larger nationwide enquiry into severe maternal morbidity, our aim was to assess the incidence and possible risk factors of obstetric intensive care unit (ICU) admission in theExpand
Amniotic fluid embolism incidence, risk factors and outcomes: a review and recommendations
BackgroundAmniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a rare but severe complication of pregnancy. A recent systematic review highlighted apparent differences in the incidence, with studies estimating theExpand
Severe maternal morbidity during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium in the Netherlands: a nationwide population‐based study of 371 000 pregnancies
Objective  To assess incidence, case fatality rate, risk factors and substandard care in severe maternal morbidity in the Netherlands.
Staffing needs for quality perinatal care in Tanzania.
In Tanzania maternal and perinatal mortalities and morbidities are problems of public health importance, and have been linked to the shortage of skilled staff. We quantified the available workforceExpand
Infertility in rural Ghana
Objectives: This study measured the prevalence of self‐reported infertility, as well as the level of knowledge of causes of infertility. Infertility was defined as failure to achieve conception afterExpand
Failure of a new antivenom to treat Echis ocellatus snake bite in rural Ghana: the importance of quality surveillance.
This study compares two antivenoms used to treat Echis ocellatus snake bite patients at Mathias Hospital, Yeji, central Ghana. FAV-Afrique antivenom (Aventis Pasteur) was given to 278 patients duringExpand
Underreporting of Maternal Mortality in The Netherlands
Objective To establish the actual number of maternal deaths in The Netherlands by determining the degree of underreporting. Methods We conducted a nationwide, retrospective crosscheck of the threeExpand
Maternal health interventions in resource limited countries: a systematic review of packages, impacts and factors for change
BackgroundThe burden of maternal mortality in resource limited countries is still huge despite being at the top of the global public health agenda for over the last 20 years. We systematicallyExpand