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Identification of an RNA Hairpin in Poliovirus RNA That Serves as the Primary Template in the In Vitro Uridylylation of VPg
A small RNA hairpin has been discovered in the coding region of protein 2C as the site in PV1(M) RNA that is used as the primary template for the in vitro uridylylation of VPg.
Structural comparison of anticancer drug-DNA complexes: adriamycin and daunomycin.
The observed changes in the overall structures of the ternary complexes amplify the small chemical differences between these two antibiotics and provide a possible explanation for the significantly different clinical activities of these important drugs.
Genetic and Biochemical Studies of Polioviruscis-Acting Replication Element cre in Relation to VPg Uridylylation
A direct correlation between mutations that eliminate, or severely reduce, the in vitro VPg-uridylylation reaction and produce replication phenotypes in vivo is reported.
The conformation of neurotensin bound to its G protein-coupled receptor
The conformation of a high-affinity peptide agonist (neurotensin, NT) bound to its GPCR NTS-1, determined by direct structural methods is presented, providing a viable structural template for further pharmacological investigations.
Site-specific hydrolysis and alcoholysis of human immunodeficiency virus DNA termini mediated by the viral integrase protein.
Before integration of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) DNA, two nucleotides are removed from the 3' ends of the viral DNA by the integrase (IN) protein, which mediates site-specific hydrolysis of a phosphodiester bond, resulting in release of a dinucleotide.
The molecular structure of a DNA-triostin A complex.
The molecular structure of triostin A, a cyclic octadepsipeptide antibiotic, has been solved complexed to a DNA double helical fragment with the sequence CGTACG with a large number of van der Waals contacts between the peptides and the nucleic acid.
Biochemical and Genetic Studies of the VPg Uridylylation Reaction Catalyzed by the RNA Polymerase of Poliovirus
ABSTRACT The first step in poliovirus (PV) RNA synthesis is the covalent linkage of UMP to the terminal protein VPg. This reaction can be studied in vitro with two different assays. The simpler assay
Left-handed double helical DNA: variations in the backbone conformation.
Four different crystals of d(CpGpCp GpC GpG) have been solved by x-ray diffraction analysis and all form similar left-handed double helical Z-DNA molecules in the crystal lattice, as the phosphates are found either facing the helical groove or rotated away from it.
Structure and isomerization of an intrastrand cisplatin-cross-linked octamer DNA duplex by NMR analysis.
The anticancer platinum compound cis-Pt(NH3)2Cl2 (cisplatin) forms covalent cross-linked adducts with DNA, with the intrastrand didentate adduct between two adjacent guanines being the major product.