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Identification of an RNA Hairpin in Poliovirus RNA That Serves as the Primary Template in the In Vitro Uridylylation of VPg
ABSTRACT The first step in the replication of the plus-stranded poliovirus RNA is the synthesis of a complementary minus strand. This process is initiated by the covalent attachment of UMP to theExpand
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Structural comparison of anticancer drug-DNA complexes: adriamycin and daunomycin.
The anticancer drugs adriamycin and daunomycin have each been crystallized with the DNA sequence d(CGATCG) and the three-dimensional structures of the complexes solved at 1.7- and 1.5-A resolution,Expand
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Genetic and Biochemical Studies of Polioviruscis-Acting Replication Element cre in Relation to VPg Uridylylation
ABSTRACT In addition to highly conserved stem-loop structures located in the 5′- and 3′-nontranslated regions, genome replication of picornaviruses requires cis-acting RNA elements located in theExpand
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The conformation of neurotensin bound to its G protein-coupled receptor
  • S. Luca, J. White, +4 authors M. Baldus
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 5 September 2003
G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) mediate the perception of smell, light, taste, and pain. They are involved in signal recognition and cell communication and are some of the most important targetsExpand
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A dot-blot screening procedure for mutated ras oncogenes using synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides.
To analyze human tumors for the presence of mutated ras oncogenes, a procedure was developed based on selective hybridization of mutation-specific oligodeoxynucleotide probes to genomic DNA [Bos etExpand
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The molecular structure of a DNA-triostin A complex.
The molecular structure of triostin A, a cyclic octadepsipeptide antibiotic, has been solved complexed to a DNA double helical fragment with the sequence CGTACG (C, cytosine; G, guanine; T, thymine;Expand
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Localization of the modified base J in telomeric VSG gene expression sites of Trypanosoma brucei.
African trypanosomes such as Trypanosoma brucei undergo antigenic variation in the bloodstream of their mammalian hosts by regularly changing the variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) gene expressed.Expand
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Site-specific hydrolysis and alcoholysis of human immunodeficiency virus DNA termini mediated by the viral integrase protein.
Before integration of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) DNA, two nucleotides are removed from the 3' ends of the viral DNA by the integrase (IN) protein. We studied the chemistry of thisExpand
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Left-handed double helical DNA: variations in the backbone conformation.
Four different crystals of d(CpGpCpGpCpG) have been solved by x-ray diffraction analysis and all form similar left-handed double helical Z-DNA molecules in the crystal lattice. Two differentExpand
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Structure and isomerization of an intrastrand cisplatin-cross-linked octamer DNA duplex by NMR analysis.
The anticancer platinum compound cis-Pt(NH3)2Cl2 (cisplatin) forms covalent cross-linked adducts with DNA, with the intrastrand didentate adduct between two adjacent guanines being the major product.Expand
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