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Trace Refinement of Action Systems
We give a simulation based proof rule for action system refinement in a reactive context, and illustrate the use of this rule with an example. Expand
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Towards a refinement algebra
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From Kleene Algebra to Refinement Algebra
We describe DRA (demonic Re nement Algebra), a variation of KAT for total correctness and illustrate its modeling and reasoning power with a number of applications and examples. Expand
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Refinement Calculus
We can generalize the notion of a concrete category to an (abstract) category. Expand
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Reasoning algebraically about loops
We show how to formalise different kinds of loop constructs within the refinement calculus, and how to use this formalisation to derive general transformation rules for loop constructs. Expand
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The Ontario Iroquois tradition
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Refinement Algebra with Operators for Enabledness and Termination
We extend von Wright's refinement algebra with two operators for modelling enabledness and termination of programs in a total-correctness framework. Expand
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Contracts, Games, and Refinement
We define a weakest precondition semantics for contracts that permits us to compute the initial states from which a group of agents has a winning strategy to reach their goal. Expand
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Effects of vitamin E.
To the Editor.— The weight of evidence, recently reviewed, 1 suggests that vitamin E reduces the risk of thromboembolic disorders. This nutrient appears to inhibit platelet aggregation directly 1,2Expand
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Representing Higher-Order Logic Proofs in HOL
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