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The effectiveness of long-term fibre supplementation on weight maintenance in weight-reduced women
OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether fibre supplementation is effective in weight-reduced subjects for maintenance of weight-loss in the long-term. DESIGN: Longitudinal, randomly assigned interventionExpand
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Error budget of terrestrial laser scanning: inuence of the incidence angle on the scan quality
High spatial resolution and fast capturing possibilities make 3D terrestrial laser scanners widely used in engineering applications and cultural heritage recording. Phase based laser scanners canExpand
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On the definition of the diffusion coefficient in reacting gases
Abstract For the multicomponent diffusion coefficients in gases where transitions occur between internal degrees of freedom or between chemical species, a definition of these coefficients is neededExpand
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Error budget of terrestrial laserscanning: Influence of the intensity remission on the scan quality
Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is a surveying technology to measure distances to surfaces in the spherical surrounding of the scanner instrument. In contrast to pulse, i.e. time of flight scanners,Expand
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Abstract The thermal diffusion factors α of small concentrations of all possible hydrogen isotopes were measured in 3 He and 4 He between 100°C and 500°C and compared with the values from theExpand
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Modified Coulomb scattering in intense, high-frequency laser fields.
We present the first accurate calculation within a recently developed nonperturbative theory for free-free transitions in intense, high-frequency laser fields, done for modified elastic scatteringExpand
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Potential for the Interaction of Atoms and Heavy Polar Molecules in Thermal Scattering
The anisotropy of a molecule interacting with an atom in thermal collisions is given a more fundamental basis by separating the effects of the motion of the electrons through mutual induction andExpand
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Electron-hydrogen scattering calculations at energies between 13.6 and 60 eV including n=3 levels
The non-iterative integral formalism is utilised for the calculation of total and differential cross sections, both elastic and inelastic, for electron-hydrogen-atom scattering. The energy rangeExpand
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