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Electrical effects of plasma damage in p-GaN
The reverse breakdown voltage of p-GaN Schottky diodes was used to measure the electrical effects of high density Ar or H2 plasma exposure. The near surface of the p-GaN became more compensatedExpand
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Growth of high optical and electrical quality GaN layers using low‐pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
We report on the low‐pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of high quality single‐crystal GaN layers over basal plane sapphire substrates. Optimization of growth conditions resulted inExpand
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Observation of a two‐dimensional electron gas in low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposited GaN‐AlxGa1−xN heterojunctions
We have confirmed the presence of a two‐dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a wide band‐gap GaN‐AlxGa1−xN heterojunction by observing steplike features in the quantum Hall effect. The 2DEG mobilityExpand
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High electron mobility GaN/AlxGa1−xN heterostructures grown by low‐pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
In this letter we report the first observation of enhanced electron mobility in GaN/AlxGa1−xN heterojunctions. These structures were deposited on basal plane sapphire using low‐pressure metalorganicExpand
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Plasma damage in p-GaN
The effect of Inductively Coupled Plasma H2 or Ar discharges on the breakdown voltage of p-GaN diodes was measured over a range of ion energies and fluxes. The main effect of plasma exposure is aExpand
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Reflective filters based on single‐crystal GaN/AlxGa1−xN multilayers deposited using low‐pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
In this letter we report the first ever fabrication and characterization of reflective quarter wave filter stacks based on single‐crystal GaN/AlxGa1−xN multilayers. The filters were designed for peakExpand
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Photoluminescence characterization of AlGaN-GaN pseudomorphic quantum wells and calculation of strain induced bandgap shifts
The low temperature (77 K) photoluminescence characteristics of AlxGa1-xN-GaN strained layer quantum wells with differentx values grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) wereExpand
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High-responsivity photoconductive ultraviolet sensors based on insulating single-crystal GaN epilayers
We report on the fabrication and characterization of photoconductive ultraviolet detectors based on insulating single‐crystal GaN. The active layer (GaN) was deposited over basal‐plane sapphireExpand
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Ultraviolet-sensitive, visible-blind GaN photodiodes fabricated by molecular beam epitaxy
GaN p–i–n photovoltaic diode arrays were fabricated from epitaxial films deposited on sapphire by molecular beam epitaxy. Peak UV responsivity was 0.11 A/W at 360 nm, corresponding to 48% internalExpand
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