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The ten-channel pulsed radar reflectometer at the TEXTOR-94 tokamak
A new ten-channel pulsed radar reflectometer has been taken into operation at the Torus Experiment for Technology Oriented Research-94. The system will be used simultaneously as a density profile andExpand
Plasma transport properties in the presence of MHD modes studied by ECE at TEXTORThis is an extended
The influence of large- and small-scale magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modes on plasma transport properties has been studied. Poloidal and toroidal reconstruction of large m = 2 modes and their evolutionExpand
Electron cyclotron resonance heating on TEXTOR
The 110 GHz and the new 140 GHz gyrotron systems for electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECRH) and ECCD on TEXTOR are described and results of ECRH experiments with the 110 GHz system are reported.Expand
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating on TEXTOR: results from the preliminary 110 GHz system.
A 110 GHz, 400 kW, 200 ms gyrotron has been employed on TEXTOR for ECRH. The highly localised electron heating allowed the identification of (multiple) electron transport barriers. The RTP q-combExpand
EX / P 5-13 Overview of TEXTOR Results
From March 2001 to November 2002 TEXTOR undergoes a rebuild to install the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor (DED). Details of the DED will be described. During the experimental campaigns preceding theExpand
The TEC Web-Umbrella
An overview of the TEC Web-Umbrella system is given, the basic concepts of this system are described, some of the client-side codes and programs are presented and some first (tentative) user experiences with it are reported on. Expand
Fast pulsed radar reflectometry for the Textor Tokamak
Progress in fusion research shows an increasing demand for diagnostics with high temporal and spatial resolution in order to study small and fast phenomena in fusion plasmas. Therefore, a newExpand
ALMA BOARD Subject : ASAC Preliminary Report
Purpose of Document: To provide the Board with a partial response to Board charges (from 26 July Telecon) to ASAC The two charges considered at the ASAC teleconferences of August 1 st , September 5Expand
New diagnostics for physics studies on TEXTOR-94 (invited)
Recently the Dutch, Belgian, and North-Rhine Westphalian Fusion Institutes have consolidated their fusion research on the medium-sized tokamak TEXTOR-94 in the so-called Trilateral Euregio Cluster.Expand