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Conquest of Violence: the Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict
When Mahatma Gandhi died in 1948 by an assassin's bullet, the most potent legacy he left to the world was the technique of satyagraha (literally, holding on to the Truth). His "experiments withExpand
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Traditional Polity and the Dynamics of Change in India
The title of this essay begins with the word traditional and it moves towards the idea of change. As is well known, these terms—tradition and change—are not opposites, nor are they to be understoodExpand
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Gandhi as a Political Thinker
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Paraguerrilla Strategy: A New Concept in Arms Control
Institute of International Studies, University There may well be more than one dimension to the arms control picture which will remain unexplored. Perhaps there are oth rs which could be invented,Expand
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The Spirit's Pilgrimage.
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Some Additions to Gandhi Literature