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Performance of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Adaptive Optics Bonnette
ABSTRACT Extensive results from the commissioning phase of PUEO, the adaptive optics instrument adaptor for the Canada‐France‐Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), are presented and discussed. Analyses of more
Estimation of the adaptive optics long-exposure point-spread function using control loop data
Astronomical images obtained with adaptive optics systems can be enhanced by using image restoration techniques. However, this usually requires an accurate knowledge of the system point-spread
Exoplanet imaging with LOCI processing: photometry and astrometry with the new SOSIE pipeline
The Angular, Simultaneous Spectral and Reference Star Differential Imaging techniques (ADI, SSDI and RSDI) are currently the main observing approaches that are being used to pursue large-scale direct
Analytical model for Shack-Hartmann-based adaptive optics systems
In this paper, we present a novel approach to modeling Shack-Hartmann-based adaptive optics (AO) system which allow to easily predict their performance. The idea is to start for the power spectral
The Gemini Planet Imager
The next major frontier in the study of extrasolar planets is direct imaging detection of the planets themselves. With high-order adaptive optics, careful system design, and advanced coronagraphy, it
Adaptive optics for Extremely Large Telescopes
Adaptive Optics (AO) will be essential for accomplishing many, if not most, of the science objectives currently planned for Extremely Large Telescopes including GMT, OWL, and TMT. AO will be needed
Images of Titan at 1.3 and 1.6 μm with Adaptive Optics at the CFHT
Abstract Titan was observed with the Adaptive Optics Bonette at the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope during October 27th 1998 (UTC), when the satellite was at greatest eastern elongation (GEE) with
Data reduction pipeline for the Gemini Planet Imager
This paper describes the data reduction pipeline of the GPI science instrument, which reduces an ensemble of highcontrast spectroscopic or polarimetric raw science images and calibration data into a final dataset ready for scientific analysis.
Progress on Altair: the Gemini North adaptive optics system
The Gemini Adaptive Optics System, (Altair), under construction at the National Research Council of Canada's Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics is unique among AO systems. Altair is designed with its
Analytical modeling of adaptive optics: foundations of the phase spatial power spectrum approach.
This paper presents the foundations of a modeling method for the AO optical transfer function, based on an analytical description of the residual phase spatial power spectrum, in an IDL-based code, and comparison with end-to-end simulations demonstrates the validity of this approach.