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Biobehavioral responses to stress in females: tend-and-befriend, not fight-or-flight.
The human stress response has been characterized, both physiologically and behaviorally, as "fight-or-flight." Although fight-or-flight may characterize the primary physiological responses to stressExpand
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Health Message Framing Effects on Attitudes, Intentions, and Behavior: A Meta-analytic Review
BackgroundMessage framing has been an important focus in health communication research, yet prior meta-analyses found limited support for using framing to increase persuasiveness of healthExpand
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Dispositional motivations and message framing: a test of the congruency hypothesis in college students.
The authors examined the congruency hypothesis that health messages framed to be concordant with dispositional motivations will be most effective in promoting health behaviors. Undergraduate studentsExpand
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Mindfulness and its relationship to emotional regulation.
Research on the effectiveness and mechanisms of mindfulness training applied in psychotherapy is still in its infancy (Erisman & Roemer, 2010). For instance, little is known about the extent andExpand
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From Vulnerability to Growth : Positive and Negative Effects of Stressful Life Events
Severely stressful life events can have a substantial impact on those who experience them. For some, experience with a traumatic life event can leave them confused, withdrawn, depressed, andExpand
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Dispositional Mindfulness Moderates the Effects of Stress Among Adolescents: Rumination as a Mediator
Recent research has demonstrated that higher levels of mindfulness are associated with greater psychological and physical health. However, the majority of this research has been conducted withExpand
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The effects of message quality and congruency on perceptions of tailored health communications.
Recent research has documented the effectiveness of tailoring health behavior change messages to characteristics of the recipients, but little is known about the processes underlying these effects.Expand
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Searching for and finding meaning in collective trauma: results from a national longitudinal study of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The ability to make sense of events in one's life has held a central role in theories of adaptation to adversity. However, there are few rigorous studies on the role of meaning in adjustment, andExpand
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Positive and Negative Effects of HIV Infection in Women with Low Socioeconomic Resources
Predictions generated by cognitive adaptation theory and conservation of resources theory were tested with regard to positive and negative changes associated with HIV infection in an ethnicallyExpand
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Acute cold exposure and cognitive function: evidence for sustained impairment
Several industries experience periods of cold exposure and rewarming throughout the workday but mental performance under these conditions is unknown. A better understanding of cognition during theExpand
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