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Searching for land tenure security in Africa
The report is based on case studies in seven countries, and relies on new data to examine the relationship between land holding rights, and agricultural production. Land remains the most importantExpand
Carbon storage in agroforestry: an estimate for sub-Saharan Africa
Massive reforestation has been proposed as one means for stabilizing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but the proposal seems academic in the face of current rates ofExpand
Carbon sequestration in Africa: The land tenure problem
Abstract The prospect of using tropical forest projects to sequester significant amounts of atmospheric carbon as one mitigation approach to climate change has received considerable attention. In theExpand
Current land cover in the tropics and its potential for sequestering carbon
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activity are increasing the concentrations of these gases in the atmosphere. The Earth is expected to warm as a result, withExpand
Land Tenure and Legal Pluralism in the Peace Process
Land tenure has proven to be one of the most vexing issues in a peace process. The disintegration of land and property rights institutions during armed conflict yet the importance of land andExpand
Land rights in postwar Liberia: The volatile part of the peace process
Abstract The end to the war in Liberia, along with quality leadership and a large UN presence has laid the foundation for a successful peace process. Now the delicate part of the process isExpand
Tree-Based Carbon Storage in Developing Countries: Neglect of the Social Sciences
While much is now known about the biophysical potential of carbon storage in the tropics, lacking is an equally vigorous examination of the sociopolitical potential. The result has been a profoundlyExpand
Land Policy Reform, Customary Rule of Law and the Peace Process in Sierra Leone
Armed conflict is particularly destructive to socio-legal relations regarding land and property. Reconstruction priorities increasingly include the reform of property legislation as part of effortsExpand
Land tenure and identity change in postwar Mozambique
For largely agricultural societies in subSaharan Africa, land and attachments to land play a fundamental role in the identity of individuals and groups. Forced dislocation from land and ‘home areas’Expand