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Biology-oriented synthesis of stereochemically diverse natural-product-derived compound collections by iterative allylations on a solid support.
A strategy aiming at the introduction of stereocenters into polymer-bound natural-product-derived and -inspired compound collections is presented, exemplified by the parallel synthesis of all eight diastereomers of cryptocarya diacetate on a solid support. Expand
Stereocomplementary synthesis of a natural product-derived compound collection on a solid phase.
Enantiocomplementary allylation of solid phase-bound aldehydes gives rise to a natural product-derived compound collection, including all stereoisomers of cryptocarya diacetate.
Studies toward the total synthesis of diterpene antibiotic guanacastepene A: construction of the hydroazulenic core.
Generation of the seven-membered ring to access the hydroazulenic framework was achieved employing ring closure metathesis (RCM) reaction as the key step. Expand
Towards a total synthesis of guanacastepene A: construction of fully functionalized AB and BC ring segments
Studies directed towards the total synthesis of the diterpene antibiotic, guanacastepene A, of current interest and displaying promising biological activity against drug-resistant pathogens, has ledExpand
Guanacastepene-A total synthesis: construction of the tricyclic iso-guanacastepane, epi-guanacastepane and guanacastepane frameworks
Studies aimed towards the total synthesis of the diterpene antibiotic, guanacastepene A, of current interest and displaying promising biological activity against drug resistant pathogens has led toExpand
A total synthesis of guanacastepene C.
A total synthesis of the structure corresponding to the novel tricyclic diterpene guanacastepene C has been realized in which a Knoevenagel cyclization serves as a key step to annulate theExpand
Stereoselective allylation of aldehydes on solid support and its application in biology-oriented synthesis (BIOS)
Abstract A systematic study on the asymmetric allylation of aldehydes on solid support is reported. Different kinds of chiral allylboron reagents with complementary direction of stereoinduction wereExpand
Total synthesis of the putative structure of the novel triquinane natural product isocapnellenone
A total synthesis of the ‘putative structure’ 7, attributed to the novel triquinane sesquiterpene isolated recently from two Buddelia species has been accomplished. The spectral data for 7 is aExpand
A stereoselective total synthesis of the novel triquinane sesquiterpene cucumin E
A total synthesis of cucumin E, a recently isolated triquinane natural product with a new carbon framework, has been achieved. The key step is the flash vacuum pyrolysis (FVP)-induced cyclobutaneExpand
Synthesis and fungicidal activity of N-thiazol-4-yl-salicylamides, a new family of anti-oomycete compounds.
A novel class of experimental fungicides has been discovered, which consists of special N-thiazol-4-yl-salicylamides. They originated from amide reversion of lead structures from the patentExpand