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Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation
A rigorous exposition of formal languages and models of computation, with an introduction to computational complexity. Expand
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
1 Introduction 1.1 Language Processors 1.2 The Structure of a Compiler 1.3 The Evolution of Programming Languages 1.4 The Science of Building a Compiler 1.5 Applications of Compiler Technology 1.6Expand
The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
From the Publisher: With this text, you gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of algorithms, the very heart of computer science. It introduces the basic data structures and programmingExpand
Dynamic itemset counting and implication rules for market basket data
We consider the problem of analyzing market-basket data and present several important contributions. Expand
Implementing data cubes efficiently
We investigate the issue of which cells (views) to materialize when it is too expensive to materialized all views. Expand
The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling
From volume 1 Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface) This book is intended for a one or two semester course in compiling theory at the senior or graduate level. Expand
Data Structures and Algorithms
From the Publisher: This book presents the data structures and algorithms that underpin much of today's computer programming. The basis of this book is the material contained in the first sixExpand
Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, Volume II
  • J. Ullman
  • Computer Science
  • Principles of computer science series
  • 1988
Protection in operating systems
A model of protection mechanisms in computing systems is presented and its appropriateness is argued. Expand