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Made in the Philippines : gendered discourses and the making of migrants
Introduction The Discontinuities of Philippine Migration The Making of Migrants The Professionalization of Entertainment Performing Migration The Political Process of Making Migrants
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The Philippines: Mobilities, Identities, Globalization
1. Local Contexts, Distant Horizons 2. Manufacturing a Global Presence 3. Manila's Place in the World 4. Global-Philippines.Com 5. Performing Globalization 6. Beyond the Philippines
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The Global Context of Gendered Labor Migration From the Philippines to the United States
Throughout the 20th century, international labor migration from the Philippines has exhibited a shift both in global points of destination and in gender composition. Whereas early PhilippineExpand
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Constructions of Filipina Migrant Entertainers
While international labor migration from South and South-east Asia has received a considerable amount of attention in academic circles, a feminist discourse is largely ignored. This ignorance isExpand
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Global Cities and Circuits of Global Labor: The Case of Manila, Philippines
The ‘global city’ concept has captured the attention of geographers and other social scientists. Research focuses predominantly on capital mobility and the important managerial role exerted by citiesExpand
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The Geography of Malcolm X: Black Radicalism and the Remaking of American Space
1. Malcolm X and Black Radical Thought 2. The Displacements of Malcolm X 3. Contesting Geographic Knowledges 4. Space and the Geographies of Separation 5. Social Justice and the Revolutions ofExpand
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The Killing of Cambodia: Geography, Genocide and the Unmaking of Space
Contents: Imagining genocide Irruptions and disruptions The improbable revolution The un-making of space The placelessness of democratic Kampuchea The political and the subject A politicalExpand
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Self and space, resistance and discipline: a Foucauldian reading of George Orwell's 1984
The novel 1984, George Orwell's nightmarish vision of totalitarianism published after the Second World War, remains relevant in the twenty‐first century. Orwell's concerns regarding the abuse ofExpand
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The Gendering of Philippine International Labor Migration
This paper provides an institutional analysis of the use of gender as an organizing principle for labor migration flows. Through a case study of the marketing and recruitment strategies of PhilippineExpand
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Population geography I: Surplus populations
The subject of ‘population’ is undergoing a renaissance in geography; this is seen, for example, in the voluminous studies addressing ‘marginalized’ populations, including but not limited toExpand
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