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Surveying Freedom: Folk Intuitions about free will and moral responsibility
Philosophers working in the nascent field of ‘experimental philosophy’ have begun using methods borrowed from psychology to collect data about folk intuitions concerning debates ranging from actionExpand
Is Incompatibilism Intuitive
Incompatibilists believe free will is impossible if determinism is true, and they often claim that this view is supported by ordinary intuitions. We challenge the claim that incompatibilism isExpand
The phenomenology of free will
Philosophers often suggest that their theories of free will are sup- ported by our phenomenology. Just as their theories conflict, their descriptions of the phenomenology of free will often conflictExpand
An unusual cyanobacterial bloom in Hawai`i
Surveys conducted by the University of Hawai‘i (UH) in May 2008 documented an unusual bloom of the cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya crosbyana on the reefs directly adjacent to the National Park Pu‘uhonuaExpand
The value of precipitation forecast information in winter wheat production
Abstract Many aspects of agricultural production can be adversely affected by weather. Weather forecast services tailored for the specific needs of the farming community are available throughoutExpand
Are the folk agent-causationists?
:  Experimental examination of how the folk conceptualize certain philosophically loaded notions can provide information useful for philosophical theorizing. In this paper, we explore issues raisedExpand
Donald Baxter's Composition as Identity
In the late 1980s, Donald Baxter published a pair of important papers (1988a, 1988b) defending the radical view that identity could hold one-many, between — for instance — a thing and its parts.Expand
Strong And Weak Possibility
The thesis of existentialism holds that if a proposition p exists and predicates something of an object a, then in any world where a does not exist, p does not exist either. If “possibly, p” entailsExpand
Can We Do without Fundamental Individuals ?
According to qualitativism, individuals aren’t ‘primitive’, or fundamental; all fundamental facts are purely qualitative. Some reasons to believe it are narrowly scientific, stemming from (forExpand
Estimating the Value of Precipitation Forecast Information in Alfalfa Dry Hay Production in Ontario
The value of weather forecast information to farmers is an important component of program evaluation of weather information systems. No empirical studies have attempted to provide this kind ofExpand