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Corporate Governance of Banks in Developing Economies: Concepts and Issues
This paper discusses the corporate governance of banking institutions in developing economies. This is an important issue given the essential role that banks play in the financial systems ofExpand
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Rule Britannia! British Stock Market Returns, 1825-1870
This article presents a new series of monthly equity returns for the British stock market for the period 1825-1870. In addition to calculating capital appreciation and dividend yields, the articleExpand
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Financial Sector Reforms in Developing Countries: The Indian Experience
This study is based on the premise that the success/failure of financial sector reforms depends heavily on country specific factors and makes an attempt to examine these factors in the IndianExpand
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During pregnancy, recreational drug-using women stop taking ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) and reduce alcohol consumption, but continue to smoke tobacco and cannabis: initial
While recreational drug use in UK women is prevalent, to date there is little prospective data on patterns of drug use in recreational drug-using women immediately before and during pregnancy. AExpand
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Banking in Crisis: The Rise and Fall of British Banking Stability, 1800 to the Present
Can the lessons of the past help us to prevent another banking collapse in the future? This is the first book to tell the story of the rise and fall of British banking stability over the past twoExpand
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Substitutes for Legal Protection: Corporate Governance and Dividends in Victorian Britain
Companies in Victorian Britain operated in a laissez-faire legal environment from the perspective of outside investors, implying that such investors were not protected by the legal system. ThisExpand
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Wealth concentration in the European periphery: Ireland, 1858–2001
Using annual will indexes, a series of wealth concentration is constructed for the north of Ireland on a decennial basis for the period 1858 to 2001. Wealth was highly concentrated at the beginningExpand
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The Impact of Limited Liability on Ownership and Control: Irish Banking, 18771914
Limited liability is regarded as the sine qua non of the modern company, enabling firms to raise capital from a broad spectrum of investors who have well-diversified portfolios. This article uses theExpand
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Public Sector Banks in India: Rationale and Prerequisites for Reform
This paper contributes to the debate on public sector banks by suggesting several rationales for government ownership of banks in India. The paper then proceeds to argue that due to high economicExpand
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Managerial failure in mid-Victorian Britain?: Corporate expansion during a promotion boom
This article examines the mid-1840s expansion of the British railway network, which was associated with a large deterioration in shareholder value. Using a counterfactual approach and new data onExpand
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