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A Survey of the Reasons for Dental Extractions in France
3516 French dentists, selected at random, were asked to record every tooth they extracted during January, 1984. They were also asked to give the reason for extraction in each case. These wereExpand
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A comparison of cephalometric norms for the African Bantu and a caucasoid population.
Cephalometric standards are established and compared for 40 young Cameroonian Africans and 40 White French students of similar ages, all of whom had perfect Class I occlusion and none of whom hadExpand
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Cephalometric evaluation of pharyngeal obstructive factors in patients with sleep apneas syndrome.
To determine accurately the morphological characteristics specific to patients with sleep apneas syndrome (SAS), a group of 43 adult males with SAS was compared in a cephalometric evaluation with aExpand
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Craniofacial characteristics in patients with obstructive sleep apneas syndrome.
Obstructive sleep apneas syndrome (OSAS) has been associated with a clinical reduction of the pharyngeal spaces. To define whether predisposing skeletal craniofacial conditions exist in OSASExpand
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Comparative unsupervised clinical trial on caries inhibition effect of monofluorophosphate and amine fluoride dentifrices after 3 years in Strasbourg, France.
A randomized, double blind clinical trial of the caries inhibition effects of dentifrices containing respectively monofluorophosphate and amine fluoride was performed. A third control group used aExpand
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Breathing during sleep in normal young and elderly subjects: hypopneas, apneas, and correlated factors.
Polysomnograms were obtained from two groups of normal subjects (20 medical students and 20 elderly persons). The recordings included the usual sleep parameters (electroencephalograph,Expand
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Comparison of Lead Levels in Human Permanent Teeth from Strasbourg, Mexico City, and Rural Zones of Alsace
A comparative study of the mean lead concentrations in enamel and dentin of human premolars and permanent molars was conducted by means of a systematic sampling procedure with energy-dispersive x-rayExpand
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Periodontal treatment needs in populations of high- and low-fluoride areas of Morocco.
The purpose of this study was to determine the periodontal status and treatment needs, using the CPITN index, in a population aged 7 to 60 years residing in the fluorosis area of Khouribga and theExpand
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Dental caries and fluorosis in children from high and low fluoride areas of Morocco.
The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence and the severity of dental caries and dental fluorosis in primary and permanent teeth of 582 subjects, aged 7 to 16 years, from the fluorosisExpand
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Discriminant analysis of volatile fatty acids produced in culture medium: a novel approach to the identification of Pseudomonas species.
The volatile fatty acids produced in culture medium by 357 Pseudomonas strains belonging to eight species were determined quantitatively by GLC. The resultant chromatograms were submitted toExpand
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