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France between the wars: gender and politics
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The Soccer World Cup of 1938: Politics, Spectacles, and la Culture Physique in Interwar France
I argue that a study of the football World Cup held in stadia throughout France in June 1938 adds to our understanding of the purchase of sport and la culture physique in the late 1930s, showing howExpand
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Remaking the Male Body: Masculinity and the uses of Physical Culture in Interwar and Vichy France
Remaking the male body treats interwar physical culture as a set of popular practices and as a field of ideas. Its central subject is the imagined failure of French manhood mapped out in this realmExpand
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‘Civil Wars of the Mind’: The Commemoration of the 1789 Revolution in the Parisian Press of the Radical Right, 1939
This article explores the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the French Revolution in 1939 and the responses to it of agents on the Left, centre and radical Right of French Political culture. InExpand
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Histories of medical lobbying
The lobbying of government ministers by medical professionals is a live issue. Health professionals around the world have been active in the pursuit of legislative change. In the UK, the AllTrialsExpand
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La Coupe du monde de football de 1938 en France : Émergence du sport-spectacle et indifférence de l'état
Negligee par les historiens du sport etudiant la periode de l'entre-deux-guerres, la Coupe du monde de football de juin 1938 a ete eclipsee par d'autres evenements sportifs plus prestigieux, tels lesExpand
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Memory and history: understanding memory as source and subject
How does the historian approach memory and how do historians use different sources to analyze how history and memory interact and impact on each other? Memory and History explores the differentExpand
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