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The Influence of Parental and Peer Attachment on College Students' Academic Achievement.
This study examined relations among attachment to parents and peers, cognitive ability, psychosocial functioning variables, and academic achievement in a multiethnic sample of college students (n =Expand
Associations between early-adolescent substance use and subsequent young-adult substance use disorders and psychiatric disorders among a multiethnic male sample in South Florida.
Early-adolescent substance use is most strongly associated with a later pattern of dysfunction among the racial/ethnic groups that reported the lowest levels of early use and were strongest among African Americans and foreign-born Hispanics. Expand
Understanding and treating juvenile offenders: A review of current knowledge and future directions
Juvenile delinquency is one of our most pressing social problems, with negative emotional, physical, and economic effects felt throughout society. Considering the prevalence, stability, andExpand
Adolescent adjustment in a nationally collected sample: identifying group differences by adoption status, adoption subtype, developmental stage and gender.
Group comparisons revealed little evidence of increased maladjustment among adopted adolescents compared to non-adopted study participants, and few differences across indices of adolescent adjustment by adoption subtype (i.e. by the degree of racial congruence adopted child and adoptive parent). Expand
Culturally sensitive substance abuse intervention for Hispanic and African American adolescents: empirical examples from the Alcohol Treatment Targeting Adolescents in Need (ATTAIN) Project.
The intervention provided through ATTAIN appears to be effective with a multi-ethnic population of juvenile delinquents, with US-born Hispanic youth lower in acculturation responding better to the intervention. Expand
Cumulative sexual intercourse patterns among middle adolescents: problem behavior precursors and concurrent health risk behaviors.
Temporal linkages among childhood precursors and adolescent sexual behaviors were identified as critical to understanding adolescent risk behaviors and may identify potential targets for future intervention/prevention efforts among high risk subsamples of children and adolescents. Expand
The onset and cross-temporal patterning of sexual intercourse in middle adolescence: prospective relations with behavioral and emotional problems.
Earlier onset and a more persistent pattern of sexual intercourse were associated with more childhood problem behaviors, earlier alcohol use, and higher levels of preadolescent antisocial behavior. Expand
Implementing school-based substance abuse interventions: methodological dilemmas and recommended solutions.
There are many challenges and dilemmas to conducting and evaluating interventions in school settings, and there are many potential advantages over more traditional clinic-based AOD interventions. Expand
The Effects of Assessment Feedback on Rapport- Building and Self-Enhancement Processes.
An experiment was conducted to test the effects of assessment feedback on rapport and self-enhancement. After adult participants (N = 83) completed the Millon Index of Personality Styles, theExpand