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Physics of ferroelectrics : a modern perspective
During the past two decades, revolutionary breakthroughs have occurred in the understanding of ferroelectric materials, both from the perspective of theory and experiment. First principles
Superconducting Interfaces Between Insulating Oxides
This work reports on superconductivity in the electron gas formed at the interface between two insulating dielectric perovskite oxides, LaAlO3 and SrTiO3.
Tunable Rashba spin-orbit interaction at oxide interfaces.
A new example of an electronic property arising from the interfacial breaking of inversion symmetry, namely, a large Rashba spin-orbit interaction, whose magnitude can be modulated by the application of an external electric field is laid out.
Strain Tuning of Ferroelectric Thin Films
Predictions and measurements of the effect of biaxial strain on the properties of epitaxial ferroelectric thin films and superlattices are reviewed. Results for single-layer ferroelectric films of
Improper ferroelectricity in perovskite oxide artificial superlattices
It is shown that superlattices with very short periods possess a new form of interface coupling, based on rotational distortions, which gives rise to ‘improper’ ferroelectricity, and an approach is suggested,based on interface engineering, to produce artificial materials with unique properties.
Electric field control of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface ground state
The electrostatic tuning of the carrier density allows an on/off switching of superconductivity and drives a quantum phase transition between a two-dimensional superconducting state and an insulating state, which opens the way to the development of new mesoscopicsuperconducting circuits.
Negative capacitance in multidomain ferroelectric superlattices
First-principles-based atomistic simulations provide detailed microscopic insight into the origin of this phenomenon, identifying the dominant contribution of near-interface layers and paving the way for its future exploitation.
Modern Physics of Ferroelectrics: Essential Background
Principles of ferroelectricity and information about ferroelectric materials and their applications are reviewed. The characterization of ferroelectric behavior through measurement of electrical
Rashba induced magnetoconductance oscillations in the LaAlO 3 -SrTiO 3 heterostructure
We report measurements of the normal state in-plane magnetoconductance in gated LaAlO$_3$-SrTiO$_3$ samples. As the orientation of the magnetic field changes within the plane of the interface, the
Exchange bias in LaNiO3-LaMnO3 superlattices.
It is demonstrated how interfacial interactions can induce a complex magnetic structure in a non-magnetic material and specifically show that exchange bias can unexpectedly emerge in heterostructures consisting of paramagnetic LaNiO3 (LNO) and ferromagnetic LaMnO 3 (LMO).