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Regulation of phyllotaxis by polar auxin transport
The regular arrangement of leaves around a plant's stem, called phyllotaxis, has for centuries attracted the attention of philosophers, mathematicians and natural scientists; however, to date,Expand
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A novel sensor to map auxin response and distribution at high spatio-temporal resolution
Auxin is a key plant morphogenetic signal but tools to analyse dynamically its distribution and signalling during development are still limited. Auxin perception directly triggers the degradation ofExpand
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Cellular Basis of Hypocotyl Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
The Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyl is widely used to study the effects of light and plant growth factors on cell elongation. To provide a framework for the molecular-genetic analysis of cellExpand
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The auxin signalling network translates dynamic input into robust patterning at the shoot apex
The plant hormone auxin is thought to provide positional information for patterning during development. It is still unclear, however, precisely how auxin is distributed across tissues and how theExpand
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MicroRNA regulation of the CUC genes is required for boundary size control in Arabidopsis meristems
We have analysed the role of a microRNA, miR164, in boundary formation during organ initiation from Arabidopsis meristems. The establishment and maintenance of the boundary domain are controlled byExpand
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Developmental Patterning by Mechanical Signals in Arabidopsis
A central question in developmental biology is whether and how mechanical forces serve as cues for cellular behavior and thereby regulate morphogenesis. We found that morphogenesis at the ArabidopsisExpand
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Alignment between PIN1 Polarity and Microtubule Orientation in the Shoot Apical Meristem Reveals a Tight Coupling between Morphogenesis and Auxin Transport
Imaging and computational modeling of the Arabidopsis shoot meristem epidermis suggests that biomechanical signals coordinately regulate auxin efflux carrier distribution and microtubule patterningExpand
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An actin network is present in the cytoplasm throughout the cell cycle of carrot cells and associates with the dividing nucleus
We have studied the F-actin network in cycling suspension culture cells of carrot (Daucus carota L.) using rhodaminyl lysine phallotoxin (RLP). In addition to conventional fixation with formaldehyde,Expand
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Imaging plant growth in 4D: robust tissue reconstruction and lineaging at cell resolution
Quantitative information on growing organs is required to better understand morphogenesis in both plants and animals. However, detailed analyses of growth patterns at cellular resolution haveExpand
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PIN-FORMED 1 regulates cell fate at the periphery of the shoot apical meristem.
The process of organ positioning has been addressed, using the pin-formed 1 (pin1) mutant as a tool. PIN1 is a transmembrane protein involved in auxin transport in Arabidopsis. Loss of functionExpand
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