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A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics
Preface Stern-Gerlach Experiments Rotation of Basis States and Matrix Mechanics Angular Momentum Time Evolution A System of Two Spin-1/2 Particles Wave Mechanics in One Dimension The One-DimensionalExpand
Electricity in gases
The Theory of Ionization of Gases by Collision
Electrons in gases
The motion of electrons in gases
1. The methods of investigating the motion of negative ions in gases at low pressure that have been explained in some previous papers may be extended to cases in which larger variations are made inExpand
Ionisation by collision in monatomic gases
1. Two papers by Dr. R. Atkinson on the development of currents in gases have recently appeared in the 'Proceedings of the Royal Society' where he refers to some work which has been done in theExpand
Motion of electrons in gases
The Charges on Positive and Negative Ions in Gases
In a paper on the Diffusion of Ions in Gases, I described a method of comparing the charges on the ions generated in gases with the charge on an ion in a liquid electrolyte. If N be the number ofExpand