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Improved synthesis of graphene oxide.
An improved method for the preparation of graphene oxide (GO) is described. Currently, Hummers' method (KMnO(4), NaNO(3), H(2)SO(4)) is the most common method used for preparing graphene oxide. WeExpand
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Longitudinal unzipping of carbon nanotubes to form graphene nanoribbons
Graphene, or single-layered graphite, with its high crystallinity and interesting semimetal electronic properties, has emerged as an exciting two-dimensional material showing great promise for theExpand
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Conductance of a Molecular Junction
Molecules of benzene-1,4-dithiol were self-assembled onto the two facing gold electrodes of a mechanically controllable break junction to form a statically stable gold-sulfur-aryl-sulfur-gold system,Expand
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Electronic Structure Control of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Functionalization
Diazonium reagents functionalize single-walled carbon nanotubes suspended in aqueous solution with high selectivity and enable manipulation according to electronic structure. For example, metallicExpand
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Nanocell logic gates for molecular computing
Molecular electronics seeks to build electrical devices to implement computation - logic and memory - using individual or small collections of molecules. These devices have the potential to reduceExpand
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Laser-induced porous graphene films from commercial polymers
Synthesis and patterning of carbon nanomaterials cost effectively is a challenge in electronic and energy storage devices. Here report a one-step, scalable approach for producing and patterningExpand
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Stepwise Quenching of Exciton Fluorescence in Carbon Nanotubes by Single-Molecule Reactions
Single-molecule chemical reactions with individual single-walled carbon nanotubes were observed through near-infrared photoluminescence microscopy. The emission intensity within distinctExpand
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Room-Temperature Negative Differential Resistance in Nanoscale Molecular Junctions
Molecular devices are reported utilizing active self-assembled monolayers containing the nitroamine [2′-amino-4,4′-di(ethynylphenyl)-5′-nitro-1-benzenethiolate] or the nitro compoundExpand
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Are Single Molecular Wires Conducting?
Molecular wire candidates inserted into “nonconducting” n-dodecanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au{111} were probed by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and microwave frequency alternatingExpand
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Lower-defect graphene oxide nanoribbons from multiwalled carbon nanotubes.
An improved method is described for the production of graphene oxide nanoribbons (GONRs) via longitudinal unzipping of multiwalled carbon nanotubes. The method produces GONRs with fewer defectsExpand
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