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Chemical characteristics and relative bioavailability of supplemental organic zinc sources for poultry and ruminants.
Eight commercially available organic Zn products and reagent-grade ZnSO4 x 7H2O (Zn Sulf) were evaluated by polarographic analysis, and solubility in .1 M K2HPO4-KH2PO4 buffer (pH 5), .2 M HCl-KClExpand
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Vitamin B-6 deficiency in rats reduces hepatic serine hydroxymethyltransferase and cystathionine beta-synthase activities and rates of in vivo protein turnover, homocysteine remethylation and
Vitamin B-6 deficiency causes mild elevation in plasma homocysteine, but the mechanism has not been clearly established. Serine is a substrate in one-carbon metabolism and in the transsulfurationExpand
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Pesticide Residues in Foods: Methods, Techniques, and Regulations
The Analytical Approach (J. Seiber). Extraction, Cleanup, and Fractionation Methods (J. Seiber). Determination Methods (J. Seiber). Mass Spectrometry (J. Toth). Emerging Methods: Extractions andExpand
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Caribbean fruit fly,Anastrepha suspensa (Loew), attraction to host fruit and host kairomones
Extracts of 22 fruits were tested for their attractancy toAnastrepha suspensa (Loew), the Caribbean fruit fly. Box-orange, calamondin, carambola, cattley guava, loquat, and Surinam-cherry were aboutExpand
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Primed, constant infusion with [2H3]serine allows in vivo kinetic measurement of serine turnover, homocysteine remethylation, and transsulfuration processes in human one-carbon metabolism.
BACKGROUND One-carbon metabolism involves both mitochondrial and cytosolic forms of folate-dependent enzymes in mammalian cells, but few in vivo data exist to characterize the biochemical processesExpand
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Relative bioavailability of deuterium-labeled monoglutamyl and hexaglutamyl folates in human subjects.
The bioavailability of orally administered mono- and polyglutamyl folates was examined in humans by using stable-isotope methods. [3',5'-2H2]Folic acid (d2-FA) and [3',5'-2H2]pteroylhexaglutamateExpand
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Kinetic model of folate metabolism in nonpregnant women consuming [2H2]folic acid: isotopic labeling of urinary folate and the catabolite para-acetamidobenzoylglutamate indicates slow,
In a 10-wk study of folate metabolism in nonpregnant women (21-27 y, n -6 per group), subjects were fed a diet containing approximately 68 nmol/d (30 microg/d) folate from food. The remainder of theExpand
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Relative bioavailability of deuterium-labeled monoglutamyl tetrahydrofolates and folic acid in human subjects.
The bioavailability of orally administered monoglutamyl folic acid and various (6S)-tetrahydrofolates was examined in humans with stable-isotope methods. Folic acid (PteGlu), tetrahydrofolateExpand
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Bioavailability for humans of deuterium-labeled monoglutamyl and polyglutamyl folates is affected by selected foods.
Dietary folate exists mainly as polyglutamyl forms that require deconjugation by Zn-dependent pteroylpolyglutamate hydrolase prior to intestinal absorption. Because deconjugation byExpand
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