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The Feasibility of Oil Analysis for Air Force Diesel Engines
Abstract : A feasibility study dealing with the implementation of an oil analysis program for Air Force diesel engines is described. Engine types were categorized and information assembled onExpand
Performance of Army Engines with Leaded and Unleaded Gasoline. Phase 2. Field Study Evaluation
Abstract : The first year's operation on unleaded gasoline has been completed with more than 20,000.000 vehicle miles and many hours accumulated on Material Handling Equipment and other ground powerExpand
Use of Multiviscosity/Synthetic Engine Oil in Army Combat/Tactical Vehicles.
Abstract : The military lube orders for combat and tactical equipment call for single viscosity grade oils. The use of this type oil results in frequent oil changes caused by seasonal and climaticExpand
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Evaluation of Environmental and Economic Benefits through Use of Synthetic Motor Oils
Abstract : Cost and environmental benefits of extended-drain engine lubrication were evaluated by means of a two-year field program at Letterkenny Army Depot, Pennsylvania. Four MIL-L-46152 crankcaseExpand
Navy fuel-specification standardization. Interim report, Jul 86-May 87
In the early 1970's, the U.S. Navy switched from use of Navy Special Fuel Oil (NSFO NATO F-77 to Naval Distillate Fuel NATO F-76) in shipboard propulsion and electric generating systems. PresentlyExpand
Performance of Army Engines with Unleaded Gasoline-Field Study Evaluation.
Abstract : All gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment at six U.S. Army installations were operated during the evaluation period on VV-G-001690A REgular Grade unleaded gasoline. Special Grade 91.0Expand
Army pilot emission monitoring program and updating of state emission regulation summary. Final report, February 1978--March 1979
This report covers a one-year program of periodic exhaust emission tests on a fleet of 286 commercial design, light-duty, military vehicles and 84 light-duty tactical (M151 and M880) vehicles. TheExpand
Performance of Army Engines with Leaded and Unleaded Gasoline. Phase I. Laboratory Testing.
Abstract : Six different types of Army engines were endurance tested on dynamometers for 125 hr each, using three grades of military Federal specification gasoline having typical conventionallyExpand
Evaluation of Gasohol in U.S. Army Administrative and Tactical Vehicles.
Abstract : Following the passage of the Defense Authorization Act (PL96-107) U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command (MERADCOM) was tasked by Department of Defense to evaluateExpand
Project for Reliability Fleet Testing of alcohol/gasoline blends
This report summarizes the results of the US Department of Energy Project for Reliability Fleet Testing of Alcohol/Gasoline Blends. During the 5 1/2 year program, fleet tests were conducted inExpand
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