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Yield and quality of fruits of strawberry cultivars in an organic production system
Most works on strawberry refer to conventional production systems and in traditional regions, so there is little scientific knowledge for its cultivation in other conditions, such as in the organic
Production and physicochemical characteristics of strawberry cultivars produced in organic cropping system
The conventional production of strawberries has been characterized by high use of inputs resulting in chemical waste in the fruit. Strawberry produced on organic cropping system becomes important,
Biodiesel production in Brazil after the Advent of "Selo Combustível Social" and impacts on family farms.
This paper depicts the biodiesel in Brazil with the advent of the National Program for Production and Use of Biodiesel (Programa Nacional de Producao e Uso do Biodiesel PNPB), highlighting the
Proálcool to the "Próetanol": new challenges in the production of Brazilian ethanol.
Since the implementation of the wide program of renewable fuel - Proalcool, there were many changes, and the dictates of the international market and the prolonged government intervention have shaped