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An improved simple model for the van der Waals potential based on universal damping functions for the dispersion coefficients
Starting from our earlier model [J. Chem. Phys. 66, 1496 (1977)] a simple expression is derived for the radial dependent damping functions for the individual dispersion coefficients C2n for arbitraryExpand
Superfluid helium droplets: a uniquely cold nanomatrix for molecules and molecular complexes.
Herein, recent experiments on the spectroscopy and chemical reactions of molecules and complexes embedded in helium droplets are reviewed. In the droplets, a high spectroscopic resolution, which isExpand
Photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid water, some alcohols, and pure nonane in free micro jets
The recently developed technique of accessing volatile liquids in a high vacuum environment by using a very thin liquid jet is implemented to carry out the first measurements of photoelectron spectraExpand
The van der Waals potentials between all the rare gas atoms from He to Rn
The interatomic van der Waals potentials for all the possible 21 homogeneous and heterogeneous pairs of rare gas atoms including radon are determined using the Tang–Toennies potential model and a setExpand
Mass spectra and time‐of‐flight distributions of helium cluster beams
Liquid helium clusters are produced by expanding gaseous 4 He into a vacuum from a cold source with temperatures between 5 and 20 K at stagnation pressures from P0 =8 to 20 bar and are studied byExpand
A molecular beam study of the evaporation of water from a liquid jet
A method to maintain a clean surface of a liquid in a high vacuum is described. Using a very thin and fast liquid jet it is not only possible to prevent freezing of the liquid but also to reduce theExpand
High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy of van der Waals Clusters in Liquid Helium Droplets
Small van der Waals clusters of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and mixed SF6-rare gas clusters were prepared inside large droplets of helium-4, with each droplet consisting of about 4000 helium atoms. AExpand
Excitation and ionization of 4He clusters by electrons
Clusters are produced by expanding high pressure (P0≤20 bar), low temperature (T0≥5 K) helium gas through a 5 μm nozzle into a vacuum. The neutral beam time‐of‐flight distribution has three peaksExpand
New combining rules for well parameters and shapes of the van der Waals potential of mixed rare gas systems
New combining rules are presented for calculating the van der Waals well parametersε andσ as well asC6,C8 andC10 for the mixed rare gas systems from the corresponding values of the homogeneousExpand