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The evolution of female ornaments and weaponry: social selection, sexual selection and ecological competition
Ornaments, weapons and aggressive behaviours may evolve in female animals by mate choice and intrasexual competition for mating opportunities—the standard forms of sexual selection in males. However,Expand
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The Impact of Conservation on the Status of the World’s Vertebrates
Assessing Biodiversity Declines Understanding human impact on biodiversity depends on sound quantitative projection. Pereira et al. (p. 1496, published online 26 October) review quantitativeExpand
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Threatened Birds of Asia: The BirdLife International Red Data Book. Collar, N.J., (Editor-in-chief), Andreev, A.V., Chan, S., Crosby, M.J., Subramanya, S. and Tobias, J.A. Maps by Rudyanto and M. J.
This book provides incredibly detailed information on the 665 most threatened bird species found in Asia. The sites known for each species are detailed, with maps showing locations. Full details areExpand
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Quantitative criteria for species delimitation
Species are the fundamental units of biology, ecology and conservation, and progress in these fields is therefore hampered by widespread taxonomic bias and uncertainty. Numerous operationalExpand
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Deforestation and bird extinctions in the Atlantic forest
The Atlantic forests of South America hold a great concentration of biodiversity, but most of this habitat has been destroyed. We therefore expect many species to become extinct, and yet no birdExpand
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Species interactions constrain geographic range expansion over evolutionary time.
Whether biotic interactions limit geographic ranges has long been controversial, and traditional analyses of static distribution patterns have made little progress towards resolving this debate.Expand
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Conservation issues and priorities in the Mikea Forest of south-west Madagascar
Abstract The dry forests constitute one of the most distinct, yet least protected, ecosystems in Madagascar, an island renowned for high levels of endemism. They have generally been considered one ofExpand
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Threatened birds of Asia
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Maintaining ecosystem function and services in logged tropical forests.
Vast expanses of tropical forests worldwide are being impacted by selective logging. We evaluate the environmental impacts of such logging and conclude that natural timber-production forestsExpand
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Sensory ecology, behaviour and evolution
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  • 1 February 2014
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