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Oxidative stress in the lung tissue--sources of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant defence.
Reactive oxygen species are oxygen-based molecules readily reacting with various compounds. It is already known that they play significant role in many physiological as well as pathological bodyExpand
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Reactive oxygen species production in the early and later stage of chronic ventilatory hypoxia.
Pulmonary hypertension resulting from chronic hypoxia is at least partly caused by the increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The goal of the presented study was to investigate theExpand
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Detective quantum efficiency of an energy resolving photon counting detector
The output response characteristics of an X-ray photon counting detector are measured experimentally and simulated using a Monte Carlo method in order to quantify the loss of statistical informationExpand
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Identifying Competitors: Challenges for Start-Up Firms
This study addresses the problem of start-up firms identifying their competitors. It explores how entrepreneurs in creative industries become conscious of the existence of competitors and how theyExpand
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[Disodium cromoglycate--mast cell degranulation blocker in the process of tissue remodelation].
Disodium cromoglycate (DSCG) is a compound commonly used in the treatment of allergic diseases. The effect of DSCG is due to its ability to stabilize the mast cell membrane and to prevent release ofExpand
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Are Elderly Consumer More Ethnocentric? Attitudes Towards Polish and 'Foreign' Food Products
IntroductionConsumers make decisions regarding food choice every day, based on multiple criteria. The need for food is fundamental and physiological one, with straightforward goal and solution [MelaExpand
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The consumer attitude towards the third-party organisation (TPO) endorsement – an empirical investigation in the child products category
Theoretical background : The issue of recommendations provided by institutions (third-party organisations) is rarely addressed in the literature. The market practice observation provides, however,Expand
One of the most important implications of the growth of Internet is the development of electronic Word-Of-Mouth, which is informal communications process in the virtual environment. Although inExpand