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Circular Polymerase Extension Cloning of Complex Gene Libraries and Pathways
High-throughput genomics and the emerging field of synthetic biology demand ever more convenient, economical, and efficient technologies to assemble and clone genes, gene libraries and syntheticExpand
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Accurate multiplex gene synthesis from programmable DNA microchips
Testing the many hypotheses from genomics and systems biology experiments demands accurate and cost-effective gene and genome synthesis. Here we describe a microchip-based technology for multiplexExpand
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Circular polymerase extension cloning for high-throughput cloning of complex and combinatorial DNA libraries
High-throughput genomics, proteomics and synthetic biology studies require ever more efficient and economical strategies to clone complex DNA libraries or variants of biological modules. In thisExpand
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Gamete Interactions in Xenopus laevis: Identification of Sperm Binding Glycoproteins in the Egg Vitelline Envelope
A quantitative assay was developed to study the interaction of Xenopus laevis sperm and eggs. Using this assay it was found that sperm bound in approximately equal numbers to the surface of bothExpand
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Parallel on-chip gene synthesis and application to optimization of protein expression
Low-cost, high-throughput gene synthesis and precise control of protein expression are of critical importance to synthetic biology and biotechnology. Here we describe the development of an on-chipExpand
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Error correction of microchip synthesized genes using Surveyor nuclease
The development of economical and high-throughput gene synthesis technology has been hampered by the high occurrence of errors in the synthesized products, which requires expensive labor and time toExpand
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Circular polymerase extension cloning.
High-throughput genomics, proteomics, and the emerging field of synthetic biology demand ever more convenient, economical, and efficient technologies to assemble and clone genes, gene libraries, andExpand
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Insulin selectively primes Th2 responses and induces regulatory tolerance to insulin in pre-diabetic mice
Summary Little is known about the immunological impact of insulin administration other than it can boost insulin autoantibody levels. In particular, while the subcutaneous administration of a solubleExpand
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DNA synthesis, assembly and applications in synthetic biology.
The past couple of years saw exciting new developments in microchip-based gene synthesis technologies. Such technologies hold the potential for significantly increasing the throughput and decreasingExpand
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Error correction in gene synthesis technology.
Accurate, economical and high-throughput gene and genome synthesis is essential to the development of synthetic biology and biotechnology. New large-scale gene synthesis methods harnessing the powerExpand
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