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Robust Point Matching via Vector Field Consensus
In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm, called vector field consensus, for establishing robust point correspondences between two sets of points. Our algorithm starts by creating a set ofExpand
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Robust Feature Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration via Locally Linear Transforming
Feature matching, which refers to establishing reliable correspondence between two sets of features (particularly point features), is a critical prerequisite in feature-based registration. In thisExpand
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Robust Estimation of Nonrigid Transformation for Point Set Registration
We present a new point matching algorithm for robust nonrigid registration. The method iteratively recovers the point correspondence and estimates the transformation between two point sets. In theExpand
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Image segmentation by three-level thresholding based on maximum fuzzy entropy and genetic algorithm
In the paper, a three-level thresholding method for image segmentation is presented, based on probability partition, fuzzy partition and entropy theory. A new fuzzy entropy has been defined throughExpand
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Remote Sensing Image Fusion Using Multiscale Mapped LS-SVM
The panchromatic (Pan) sharpening of multispectral (MS) bands is an important technique in the various applications of satellite remote sensing. This paper presents an MS Pan- sharpening method usingExpand
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Efficient Architectures for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform Using Lifting Scheme
Novel architectures for 1-D and 2-D discrete wavelet transform (DWT) by using lifting schemes are presented in this paper. An embedded decimation technique is exploited to optimize the architectureExpand
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Local Manifold Learning-Based $k$ -Nearest-Neighbor for Hyperspectral Image Classification
  • L. Ma, M. Crawford, J. Tian
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote…
  • 23 August 2010
Approaches to combine local manifold learning (LML) and the k -nearest-neighbor (kNN) classifier are investigated for hyperspectral image classification. Based on supervised LML (SLML) and kNN, a newExpand
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Non-rigid visible and infrared face registration via regularized Gaussian fields criterion
Registration of multi-sensor data (particularly visible color sensors and infrared sensors) is a prerequisite for multimodal image analysis such as image fusion. Typically, the relationships betweenExpand
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Unsupervised Ship Detection Based on Saliency and S-HOG Descriptor From Optical Satellite Images
With the development of high-resolution imagery, ship detection in optical satellite images has attracted a lot of research interest because of the broad applications in fishery management, vesselExpand
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Regularized vector field learning with sparse approximation for mismatch removal
In vector field learning, regularized kernel methods such as regularized least-squares require the number of basis functions to be equivalent to the training sample size, N. The learning process thusExpand
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