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Pharmacy-laboratory interactions: a unique method to control antibiotic costs.
The results of this study show the importance of pharmacy departments forming and maintaining lines of communication with the hospital laboratory department and cost savings due to these interactions were $88,554.
Impact of a Clinical Pharmacist on Antibiotic Prescribing
It is demonstrated that a team including a pharmacist had a positive impact on medical residents' utilization of antibiotics.
Development of a computerized pharmacy therapeutic recommendation tracking program.
Several important lessons were learned during this pilot project. First, the timely feedback of results, in the form of a concise report, to the pharmacists documenting the recommendations was very
The Pleasure Deficit in Schizophrenia
This paper will focus on one deficit frequently observed in schizophrenia, hypohedonia, the diminished capacity to experience pleasure, and the frustration and difficulties experienced by the clinician in developing the therapeutic relationship and maintaining professional interest.
Defining and Measuring Forest Health
If forest health is to be approached scientifically, it must be defined and measured. Forest health is a condition of forest ecosystems that sustains their complexity while providing for human needs.