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Physiological and muscle enzyme adaptations to two different intensities of swim training
SummaryTo test the hypothesis that a smaller quantity of high intensity (HI) as opposed to a larger quantity of moderate intensity (MI) swim training would result in adaptations more specific to theExpand
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The ethics of Aristotle : the Nicomachean ethics
A vigorous polemicist as well as a rational philosopher, Aristotle (384 - 322 BCE) has the task in his ethics of demonstrating how men become good and why happiness can, and should, be our goal. TheExpand
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Muscle glycogen depletion patterns in fast twitch fibre subgroups of man during submaximal and supramaximal exercise
SummaryMuscle glycogen depletion in ST, FTa and FTb fibres were studied in human subjects undergoing two distinctly different modes of bicycle exercise. Two hours of submaximal exercise (60% of V02Expand
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Human vastus lateralis and gastrocnemius muscles: A comparative histochemical and biochemical analysis
Two muscles involved in locomotion the vastus lateralis and the gastrocnemius, were compared on a variety of histochemical an biochemical properties. Ten active males, age 20 - 24 years, served asExpand
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Blood lactate responses in incremental exercise as predictors of constant load performance
SummarySeven trained male cyclists ( $$\dot V_{O_{2max} } $$ =4.42±0.23 l·min−1; weight 71.7±2.7 kg, mean ± SE) completed two incremental cycling tests on the cycle ergometer for the estimation ofExpand
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Fiber composition, fiber size and enzyme activities in vastus lateralis of elite athletes involved in high intensity exercise
SummaryIn order to determine the influence of an extensive history of participation in high intensity activity on muscle fiber type, fiber size, and metabolic profile, elite ice hockey players wereExpand
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The response of endurance-adapted adults to intense anaerobic training
SummaryThe effects of a 6 week program of intense, intermittent hill running was investigated in 5 endurance-trained men (34–37 years). Venous lactate responses averaged 10.7 mM×1−1 during training.Expand
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Short-term effects of crustecdysone (20-hydroxyecdysone) on protein and RNA synthesis in third instar larvae of Calliphora
Abstract The effect of exogenous crustecdysone (20-hydroxyecdysone) on protein and RNA synthesis in body wall and fat body of third instar larvae of Calliphora stygia has been investigated in vivo .Expand
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Natural organic matter removal by enhanced photo-oxidation using low pressure mercury vapour lamps
High efficiency, low pressure mercury vapour lamps producing radiation at the wavelengths of 254 plus 185 nm and 254 nm only, were used to investigate the H2O 2 enhanced photo-oxidation of naturalExpand
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