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THIS book is a new volume in the series of science manuals published by Messrs. Longmans to meet the requirements of the advanced stage of the science subjects of the Science and Art Department. ItExpand
The Continuity of the Gaseous and Liquid States of Matter
IT may be truly affirmed of Physical Science, that its history, for some generations at least, has been one of rapid progress and unceasing change, and that its most earnest promoters have notExpand
XVII. Bakerian lecture.─On the grand currents of atmospheric circulation
In the early times of the Boyal Society (a little more than 200 years ago) a spirit of inquiry and of speculation as to the causes of the Trade Winds arose among its members. The papers which we mayExpand
The Circulation of the Atmosphere
  • J. Thomson
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  • 1 February 1905
I HAVE read with great interest your review of Prof. H. H. Hildebrandsson's report on “The General Motion of Clouds” (NATURE, February 2, p. 329).
Ground Ice
I SEE in your issue of January 30, p. 295, a letter from the Rev. John J. Hampson asking some questions on the subject of ground ice. I should like to say that my father, the late Prof. JamesExpand
[Letters to Editor]
I SHALL be very pleased to send Dr. Muir a copy of my father's examination questions of June, 1873, containing the word radian; and when Dr. Muir returns to England I should like to show him myExpand
Dr. Frank Bottomley.
MAY I be permitted to make a correction of an error in Sir Richard Paget's obituary notice of my cousin, Dr. Frank Bottomley, in NATURE of February 16, p. 212? Sir Richard states that FrankExpand
Prof. Andrew Gray
DR. ALEXANDER RUSSELL'S memoir of Prof. Andrew Gray, which appeared in NATURE of October 24, will be read with sympathetic interest by Prof. Gray's many friends. I must be one of the oldest of themExpand
The Term “Radian” in Trigonometry
DR. THOMAS MUIR, in his letter in NATURE of April 7 (p. 156), corrects the misapprehension implied in the “New English Dictionary,” viz. the supposition that the word “radian” was first introduced inExpand