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Using Video Game Telemetry Data to Research Motor Chunking, Action Latencies, and Complex Cognitive-Motor Skill Learning
We examined 996,163 action sequences in the telemetry data of 3,317 players across seven levels of skill. Expand
The role of bacterial adherence in the pathogenesis of infective endocarditis
SummaryBacterial adherence as a result of specific surface properties may be a contributory factor in the pathogenesis of bacterial endocarditis giving certain types of bacteria a selective advantageExpand
Meningococcal pericarditis in the absence of meningitis
SummaryA 16 year-old female presented with cardiac tamponade due to purulent meningococcal pericarditis without concomitant meningitis or meningococcaemia. She recovered after aspiration of theExpand
Classic motor chunking theory fails to account for behavioural diversity and speed in a complex naturalistic task
We use the fast-paced, professional eSport StarCraft 2 as a test case of the explanatory power of the motor chunking framework and assess the importance of chunks in explaining expert performance. Expand
The Inclusiveness of Catholicism
Unnatural science : an exhibition
Two Dogmas of Reductionism: On the Irreducibility of Self-Consciousness and the Impossibility of Neurophilosophy
Two fundamental assumptions have become dogma in contemporary Anglo-American philosophy of consciousness: that everything about consciousness can be explained in physical terms, and that neuroscienceExpand