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The STAR time projection chamber: a unique tool for studying high multiplicity events at RHIC
The STAR Time Projection Chamber (TPC) is used to record the collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The TPC is the central element in a suite of detectors that surrounds theExpand
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Evidence from d+Au measurements for final-state suppression of high-p(T) hadrons in Au+Au collisions at RHIC.
We report measurements of single-particle inclusive spectra and two-particle azimuthal distributions of charged hadrons at high transverse momentum (high p(T)) in minimum bias and central d+AuExpand
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Transverse-momentum and collision-energy dependence of high-pT hadron suppression in Au+Au collisions at ultrarelativistic energies.
We report high statistics measurements of inclusive charged hadron production in Au+Au and p+p collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=200 GeV. A large, approximately constant hadron suppression is observed inExpand
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Suppression of charged particle production at large transverse momentum in central Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV
Inclusive transverse momentum spectra of primary charged particles in Pb-Pb collisions at root s(NN) = 2.76 TeV have been measured by the ALICE Collaboration at the LHC. The data are presented forExpand
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Velocity analysis in transversely isotropic media
In transversely isotropic media, the moveout velocity obtained from common‐depth‐point (CDP) analysis may be significantly different from the horizontal velocity of the pseudo‐P wave. In Levin’sExpand
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Azimuthal charged-particle correlations and possible local strong parity violation.
Parity-odd domains, corresponding to nontrivial topological solutions of the QCD vacuum, might be created during relativistic heavy-ion collisions. These domains are predicted to lead to chargeExpand
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Energy dependence of moments of net-proton multiplicity distributions at RHIC.
We report the beam energy (sqrt[sNN]=7.7-200  GeV) and collision centrality dependence of the mean (M), standard deviation (σ), skewness (S), and kurtosis (κ) of the net-proton multiplicityExpand
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Localized sources of propagating acoustic waves in the solar photosphere
A time series of Doppler measurements of the solar photosphere with moderate spatial resolution is described which covers a portion of the solar disk surrounding a small sunspot group. At temporalExpand
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Beam energy dependence of moments of the net-charge multiplicity distributions in Au+Au collisions at RHIC.
We report the first measurements of the moments--mean (M), variance (σ(2)), skewness (S), and kurtosis (κ)--of the net-charge multiplicity distributions at midrapidity in Au+Au collisions at sevenExpand
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Disappearance of back-to-back high-pT hadron correlations in central Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s NN ] =200 GeV.
Azimuthal correlations for large transverse momentum charged hadrons have been measured over a wide pseudorapidity range and full azimuth in Au+Au and p+p collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=200 GeV. TheExpand
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