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Whales originated from aquatic artiodactyls in the Eocene epoch of India
Although the first ten million years of whale evolution are documented by a remarkable series of fossil skeletons, the link to the ancestor of cetaceans has been missing. It was known that whales areExpand
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Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals
This thorough revision of the classic first edition brings this authoritative book right up-to-date. Articles describe every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host ofExpand
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Cranial anatomy of Ignacius graybullianus and the affinities of the Plesiadapiformes
A nearly complete cranium of Ignacius graybullianus provides increased understanding of the cranial anatomy of Plesiadapiformes. In nearly all details of cranial anatomy, Ignacius differs markedlyExpand
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Eocene mammal faunas from northern Indo-Pakistan
Abstract We present a summary of the Eocene mammal faunas of Indo-Pakistan based on study of the known faunas and new collections. New taxa described here are the carpolestid ParvocristesExpand
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Sensory Evolution on the Threshold: Adaptations in Secondarily Aquatic Vertebrates
From crocodiles and penguins to seals and whales, this comprehensive and authoritative synthesis explores the function and evolution of sensory systems in animals whose ancestors lived on land.Expand
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Early Eocene snakes from Kutch, Western India, with a review of the Palaeophiidae
The early Eocene of Panandhro Mine (northwestern India) has produced a rich snake fauna largely dominated by palaeophiids. Three families are present: Palaeophiidae, ?Madtsoiidae or Boidae, and anExpand
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A retroposon analysis of Afrotherian phylogeny.
Recent comprehensive studies of DNA sequences support the monophyly of Afrotheria, comprising elephants, sirenians (dugongs and manatees), hyraxes, tenrecs, golden moles, aardvarks, and elephantExpand
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The emergence of whales : evolutionary patterns in the origin of Cetacea
Synopsis of the Earliest Cetaceans: Pakicetidae, Ambulocetidae, Remingtonocetidae, and Protocetidae E.M. Williams. Middle to Late Eocene Basilosaurines and Dorudontines M.D. Uhen. Molecular EvidenceExpand
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From Land to Water: the Origin of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) are an order of mammals that originated about 50 million years ago in the Eocene epoch. Even though all modern cetaceans are obligate aquatic mammals,Expand
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