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Recent applications of unmanned aerial imagery in natural resource management
Unmanned aerial vehicles have become popular platforms for remote-sensing applications, particularly when spaceborne technology, manned airborne techniques, and in situ methods are not as efficientExpand
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Effect of coregistration error on patchy target detection using high-resolution imagery
Abstract Many factors influence classification accuracy and a typical error budget includes uncertainty arising from the 1) selection of processing algorithms, 2) selection of training sites, 3)Expand
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Visible and thermal infrared remote sensing for the detection of white‐tailed deer using an unmanned aerial system
Wildlife management is based on various measurements representative of the health of populations and their habitats. Some agencies are focusing on animal surveys to manage species such asExpand
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Development and Evaluation of a UAV-Photogrammetry System for Precise 3D Environmental Modeling
The specific requirements of UAV-photogrammetry necessitate particular solutions for system development, which have mostly been ignored or not assessed adequately in recent studies. Accordingly, thisExpand
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Abstract. Wildlife aerial surveys require time and significant resources. Multispecies detection could reduce costs to a single census for species that coexist spatially. Traditional methods areExpand
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Mapping lichen in a caribou habitat of Northern Quebec, Canada, using an enhancement_classification method and spectral mixture analysis
Studies of caribou herds in northern regions are important to better understand population dynamics and define wildlife management strategies. Lichen is a primary food source for caribou and is aExpand
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Convolutional Neural Networks for the Automatic Identification of Plant Diseases
Deep learning techniques, and in particular Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), have led to significant progress in image processing. Since 2016, many applications for the automatic identificationExpand
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Multi-sensor Analyses of Vegetation Indices in a Semi-arid Environment
Multi-sensor comparisons are sometimes used due to limited image availability and temporal coverage by a single sensor. However, multi-sensor comparability is not well documented. Factors affectingExpand
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