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Production, Composition, and Application of Coffee and Its Industrial Residues
Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and is the second largest traded commodity after petroleum. Due to the great demand of this product, large amounts of residues are generated
Yeast: the soul of beer’s aroma—a review of flavour-active esters and higher alcohols produced by the brewing yeast
Fermentation parameters affecting yeast response during biosynthesis of these aromatic substances are fully reviewed and the up-to-date knowledge in the pathways involving the synthesis of higher alcohols and esters by brewing yeasts is reviewed.
Chemical, Functional, and Structural Properties of Spent Coffee Grounds and Coffee Silverskin
Spent coffee grounds (SCG) and coffee silverskin (CS) represent a great pollution hazard if discharged into the environment. Taking this fact into account, the purpose of this study was to evaluate
Third generation biofuels from microalgae
Microalgae are currently being promoted as an ideal third generation biofuel feedstock because of their rapid growth rate, CO and low greenhouse gas emissions.