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Tackling the Poor Assumptions of Naive Bayes Text Classifiers
We propose simple, heuristic solutions to some of the problems with Naive Bayes classifiers, addressing both systemic issues as well as problems that arise because text is not actually generated according to a multinomial model. Expand
What do people ask their social networks, and why?: a survey study of status message q&a behavior
We present detailed data on the frequency of this type of question asking, the types of questions asked, and respondents' motivations for asking their social networks. Expand
Influence of temperature
In an increasingly complex world where people routinely handle large amounts of information, individuals are constantly challenged to manage and effectively use the information that they areExpand
The perfect search engine is not enough: a study of orienteering behavior in directed search
This paper presents a modified diary study that investigated how people performed personally motivated searches in their email, in their files, and on the Web. Expand
Personalizing search via automated analysis of interests and activities
We formulate and study search algorithms that consider a user's prior interactions with a wide variety of content to personalize that user's current Web search. Expand
Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction
We propose 18 generally applicable design guidelines for human-AI interaction. Expand
Implicit feedback for inferring user preference: a bibliography
Relevance feedback has a history in information retrieval that dates back well over thirty years (c.f [SL96]). Expand
Characterizing the influence of domain expertise on web search behavior
A large-scale, longitudinal, log-based analysis of the effect of domain expertise on web search behavior in four different domains (medicine, finance, law, and computer science). Expand
#TwitterSearch: a comparison of microblog search and web search
Social networking Web sites are not just places to maintain relationships; they can also be valuable information sources. Expand
Information re-retrieval: repeat queries in Yahoo's logs
This paper explores repeat search behavior through the analysis of a one-year Web query log of 114 anonymous users and a separate controlled survey of an additional 119 volunteers. Expand