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The Go-Between God: The Holy Spirit and the Christian Mission
In 1967 John V Taylor was invited to give the Cadbury Lectures in Theology at the University of Birmingham. The experience then stimulated him to the extent he felt compelled to rewrite the original
Body Horror: Photojournalism, Catastrophe and War
  • J. Taylor
  • Political Science, Art
  • 1 September 1998
Caught looking why look? press, photography and evidence press shock disaster tragedy murder foreign bodies the body vanishes in the Gulf War.
Problems in Photojournalism: realism, the nature of news and the humanitarian narrative
Three problems present themselves to anyone who argues that hard-hitting photojournalism is important in the daily press. The first concerns the compromised nature of photography as a foundation for
A Dream of England: Landscape, Photography and the Tourist's Imagination
Landscape record and reverie Shakespeare land travellers, tourists and trippers on the Norfolk Broads "England" as a reliable make documentary raids and rebuffs history under fire at home with Fox
Iraqi torture photographs and documentary realism in the press
In April 2004 American and British forces in Iraq were accused of torturing prisoners and photographic evidence was widely published in the press. The images of brutality by British soldiers were
War Photography
This study examines the conditions, constraints and images of photographic realism published in the British press during World Wars I and II, the Falklands campaign, and in relation to terrorism in
Rymes of Robyn Hood: An introduction to the English outlaw
Who was Robin Hood? Did he ever exist? Two eminent historians here piece together the evidence and illustrate, through a critical edition of the ballads, including fourteen of the earliest known, the