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Diabetic dimorphism according to acetylator status.
Two groups of diabetics and 19 normal controls had their rate of acetylation of sulphadimidine measured. Among 47 patients with maturity onset diabetes the 29 fast acetylators were older at diagnosisExpand
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Magnetic Charge of the Proton and Neutron
EVER since the beautiful discussion by Dirac1 in 1931 of the monopole—the magnetically charged counterpart of the electron—a great deal of effort has been spent in looking for ib2. This effort is allExpand
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Do black holes really explode?
THE creation of particles out of the vacuum will occur in regions of space–time where the metric is changing rapidly. Theoretical discussions of this process encounter some interpretationalExpand
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Existence of the Schrödinger and Heisenberg Pictures
IN a recent article in Nature1, a discussion on the foundations of quantum theory was presented by Dirac. He pointed out that the Schrödinger picture (S-picture) does not exist for quantizedExpand
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Is there any scientific explanation of the paranormal?
THE apparent impossibility of the occurrence of ‘paranormal’ phenomena has not discouraged their extensive investigation, although there has not been any uniformly accepted validation or explanationExpand
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Can electromagnetism account for extra-sensory phenomena?
We find no abnormal EM signals during the occurrence of supposed ESP phenomena.OUR investigations of various alleged extra-sensory phenomena over the past three years are reported here, in particular psychokinesis, metal-bending, psychic healing and dowsing. Expand
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Quantum Field Maths
Mathematics of Contemporary Physics.Edited By R. F. Streater. Pp. xi + 274. (Academic: New York and London, December 1972.) £6; $17.50.