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The Seasonal Aggregation of Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia: Currents, Migrations and the El Niño/ Southern Oscillation
Whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, seasonally aggregate in coastal waters off Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. We review the oceanographic setting of the region and present evidence that suchExpand
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Topographic controls on post-Oligocene changes in ice-sheet dynamics, Prydz Bay region, East Antarctica
Within the general trend of post-Eocene cooling, the largest and oldest outlet of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet underwent a change from ice-cliff to ice-stream and/or ice-shelf dynamics, with anExpand
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Self-organization in the time domain
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Temporal sequence storage capacity of time-summating neural networks
The maximum capacity for storage of temporal sequences in a time-summating neural network is analysed within a statistical-mechanical framework. Each neuron of such a network maintains an activityExpand
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Gravitational waves from an orbiting pulsar.
E instein's general theory of relativi­ ty, published in 1915, makes an extraordinary prediction: an ac­ celerating mass should radiate energy in the form of gravitational waves. Yet the waves are soExpand
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Dispersion relations and Schwartz's distributions
Abstract The equivalence between strict causality and dispersion relations for a system with an output which is a linear time-independent function of the input is shown to hold under the very generalExpand
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Turbulence in Forced Stratified Shear Flows
Continuously forced, stratified shear flows occur in many geophysical systems, including flow over sills, through fjords and at the mouths of rivers and estuaries. These continuously forced shearExpand
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We treat the Bethe‐Salpeter equation as a problem in singular integral equations. As such, it has three outstanding features: its algebraic structure, the fixed propagator singularities in the directExpand
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