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2008 estimate of worldwide rotavirus-associated mortality in children younger than 5 years before the introduction of universal rotavirus vaccination programmes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
BACKGROUND WHO recommends routine use of rotavirus vaccines in all countries, particularly in those with high mortality attributable to diarrhoeal diseases. To establish the burden ofExpand
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Global, Regional, and National Estimates of Rotavirus Mortality in Children <5 Years of Age, 2000-2013.
BACKGROUND Rotavirus vaccine is recommended for routine use in all countries globally. To facilitate decision making on rotavirus vaccine adoption by countries, help donors prioritize investments inExpand
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Trends in pertussis among infants in the United States, 1980-1999.
CONTEXT Reported cases of pertussis among adolescents and adults have increased since the 1980s, despite increasingly high rates of vaccination among infants and children. However, severe pertussisExpand
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Performance of rotavirus vaccines in developed and developing countries
The World Health Organization estimates that rotavirus diarrhea results in approximately half a million deaths and approximately 2.4 million hospitalizations in developing countries each year. TwoExpand
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Risk Factors for Death among Children Less than 5 Years Old Hospitalized with Diarrhea in Rural Western Kenya, 2005–2007: A Cohort Study
A hospital-based surveillance study conducted by Ciara O'Reilly and colleagues describes the risk factors for death amongst children who have been hospitalized with diarrhea in rural Kenya.
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Association between pentavalent rotavirus vaccine and severe rotavirus diarrhea among children in Nicaragua.
CONTEXT Pentavalent rotavirus vaccine (RV5), a live, oral attenuated vaccine, prevented 98% of severe rotavirus diarrhea in a trial conducted mainly in Finland and the United States. NicaraguaExpand
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Optimized use of the firefly luciferase assay as a reporter gene in mammalian cell lines.
The enzymatic activity of firefly luciferase provides a sensitive, rapid means to assay transcriptional activity of regulated activation sequences of DNA when fused to the protein coding sequence ofExpand
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Effectiveness of a monovalent rotavirus vaccine in infants in Malawi after programmatic roll-out: an observational and case-control study
Summary Background Rotavirus is the main cause of severe acute gastroenteritis in children in Africa. Monovalent human rotavirus vaccine (RV1) was added into Malawi's infant immunisation schedule onExpand
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Disease and economic burden of rotavirus diarrhoea in India.
We used published and unpublished studies and national statistics to estimate the number of deaths, hospitalizations, and outpatient visits due to rotavirus diarrhoea and the associated nationalExpand
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Role of neutral endopeptidase in the metabolism of endothelin.
Endothelin is a potent vasoconstrictor produced by endothelial cells. Although endothelin has been studied extensively, little is known about its metabolism in vivo. Neutral endopeptidaseExpand
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