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Long-range damping functions improve the short-range behaviour of ‘MLR’ potential energy functions
The recently introduced [Mol. Phys. 105, 663 (2007)] ‘Morse/long-range’ (or MLR) potential energy function is a very flexible form which explicitly incorporates the theoretically predictedExpand
Social Media Data Analysis for Traffic Incident Detection and Management
Social media and online services with user-posted content have generated a staggering amount of information that has potential applications in various areas such as incident analysis and emergencyExpand
Experimental NMR realization of a generalized quantum search algorithm
A generalized quantum search algorithm, where phase inversions for the marked state and the prepared state are replaced by pi /2 phase rotations, is realized in a 2-qubit NMR heteronuclear system.Expand
Accurate analytic potential and Born-Oppenheimer breakdown functions for MgH and MgD from a direct-potential-fit data analysis.
New high-resolution visible Fourier transform emission spectra of the A (2)Π → X (2)Σ(+) and B' (2)Σ(+) → X (2)Σ(+) systems of (24)MgD and of the B' (2)Σ(+) → X (2)Σ(+) systems of (25,26)MgD andExpand
Steds: Social Media Based Transportation Event Detection with Text Summarization
An efficient and practical social media based traffic status monitoring system. Expand
Dihaloiodoarenes: α,α-dihalogenation of phenylacetate derivatives.
A hypervalent iodine reagent-based α-carbonyl dihalogenation reaction is reported. Treating diazoacetate derivatives with either iodobenzene dichloride or iodotoluene difluoride results inExpand
Borosilicate Activation of (Difluoroiodo)toluene in the gem‐Difluorination of Phenyldiazoacetate Derivatives
A combined experimental and computational investigation was conducted to identify a mild and effective Lewis-acidic activator for TolIF2 in the gem-difluorination of diazo compounds. Computationally,Expand
Metal-free intermolecular cyclopropanation between alkenes and iodonium ylides mediated by PhI(OAc)2·Bu4NI.
A rapid, mild and metal-free intermolecular cyclopropanation between iodonium ylides and alkene-containing substrates mediated by PhI(OAc)2·Bu4NI is reported. Iodonium ylides of cyclic and acyclicExpand
Wittig Reagents as Metallocarbene Precursors: In Situ Generated Monocarbonyl Iodonium Ylides
A proof of concept study was undertaken to determine the suitability of monocarbonyl iodonium ylides (MCIYs) as metallocarbene precursors. Exposing Wittig reagents to iodosylbenzene results in aExpand
Geminal Dichlorination of Phenyliodonium Ylides of β-Dicarbonyl Compounds through Double Ligand Transfer from (Dichloroiodo)benzene
Pre-formed phenyliodonium ylides of cyclic and acyclic β-diketones, β-keto esters and β-diesters were reacted with (dichloroiodo)benzene, resulting in transfer of both chloride ligands onto theExpand